Wednesday, 16 February 2011

MiNeSweePeR ReMiX CoMPeTiTioN

Yo! this is a contest we are taking part in. “Champion Records” is offering the opportunity to remix their new release “Minesweeper”
by The Squatters, Oliver Portamento & Alex Powell, who have been working together for many years as DJs and successful Promoters, Event Organisers & Producers.
We went to see one of their shows and found it very refreshing, the right mix of Oldskool Hip Hop & Rave,House, Electro & more experimental genres such as Dub Step, Drum n’ Bass & even Trance. Definitely a must see!

We are in with our remix listen to it on this link


“The Squatters”
“The Squatters on Soundcloud”
“The Squatters - Minesweeper (Original Mix) on Soundcloud”
“The Squatters - Minesweeper (aLLriGhT RmX) on Soundcloud”

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