Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The Old Sound Of Music

Another one if you are into the history behind it! BBC documentary from 1979 with great host Michael Rodd.

Monday, 18 June 2012


Holidays anyone? We are, from the coast of south Sardinia, here is something to cheer you up while you are enjoying that cocktail on the beach: a bunch of fresh producers, half hour of awesome music and a surprise!

aLLriGhT ReCorDs 4th release "Digital Riot - Jack your Body EP" is out now on all major digital stores. Enjoy the preview and support the label and Digital Riot by pushing that "Buy" button!

Digital Riot - Jack your Body EP [aLrT004] OUT 30/06/12 by aLLriGhT ReCorDs

Vassilis Sirone and Kostis Spud (left), from Greece, formed Digital Riot back in 2008 and for the past few years have been entertaining clubbers with their exciting mix of indie electro/pop. The list of DJ's they have been sharing decks with is a long one, with many big names, to quote a few Feadz from Ed Banger, Paul Devro Mad Decent and The Twelves from Kitsune, all I can say is WHOAAA!

This EP is their first official release as producers but their experience goes beyond that. Check their Soundcloud page to get a taste of their sound, remixes like the early 2012 Hurray’s “This is Nasty” remix or the more recent Hot Chip - Night and Day (Digital Riot 909 Dub) created for the “Beatport – Night and Day” remix contest, two awesome pieces... plus I love Hot Chip! (their latest album "In Our Heads" is the soundtrack of my summer this year. well done guys woop!)

Back to Digital Riot... These two guys are quite something! Personally I fell in love with their latest effort "Dawnse" out these days on Southern Fried Records... and the music speaks for itself. For their release on aLLriGhT ReCorDs, two hot original tracks “Jack your Body” a bass groovy ride, for indie electro lovers, and “I need U” with that house effect and a clear 80’s revival influence, good stuff!

Remixing: representing the label aLLriGhT rising the raving spirit with our “harp no mercy” edit of “Jack your Body” aLLriGhT Remix; and Digital Riot's fellow country men, 3dot and Dubplee with two remixes that stay true to Digital Riot’s nu-disco roots.

Finally, tonight there is going to be an "EP release party" in Athens (Greece). I know it’s a bit of a long shot for most of you, but for those who are from that area, or if you need to chill after that climb from the Agora' to the Parthenon, or if you are just there enjoying what one of the oldest cities in the world has to offer, well you are in for a treat! Join Digital Riot and friends for the "Jack Your Body E.P. Release Party @ CAMP" (click on link for details) for a magic summer night with lots of guest and what a better delight then listening to Jack your Body played by Digital Riot themselves! As far as I'm concerned I won't be attending but I'll be raising a glass for them tonight from the other end of the Mediterranean sea wishing them success.

Speak spoon aLLriGhT!


Wednesday, 2 May 2012

What? Listen! ... and usual nonesense

Hey guys! Unz update on whaz happening. “What? Listen!” the second release by aLLriGhT on our sister label aLLriGhT ReCorDs is out now so don’t waste your time reading this nonsense click on the link to get your copy

Still here? Ok I warned you.

This time I want to give you guys a quite detailed inside on how this track came to life and we approached it. Mike started this track a while ago and when I listened to it for the first time I thought: What?! but then I listened again and again, listened and listened. I remember it becoming a nuisance, I couldn’t get ride of the hook! It was there doing my head in all day, going on a loop, what what what listen listen. What the fuck!!
 I took the challenge mainly to exorcise my possession and approached the project using only my left hand for obvious reasons. I clicked randomly with the cursor on the project moving the mouse from left to right, up and down in no particular order. I clearly remember listening to the Sesame Street theme while doing it, which probably played a big part on my inspiration. Then I rearranged the song parts in shape of a teddy bear holding a machine gun. Done! the track was finished, AND WHAT A BANGER!!! For the drum parts we used an empty Special K cardboard box and some old cutlery. Rest of the sounds usual stuff, flutes, xylophones, marimbas with my personal favorite, washing machine on gentle spin program!
We have done a video for the first release and we couldn't let you down for this one (we know you were all waiting for it),  this time is a clip inspired by the movie “Vieni Avanti Cretino” with Lino Banfi and Alfonso Tomas... and dogs! Quite fun to watch!

The remixes appearing on the release take the track to very different grounds, Phunx converting it into a techno-thumping beat (great I love it), Defreek exploring the future, pushing the limiter to the max (phaattt version man!) and Musique That We Love, Ft. Fuorigiri… guys it’all about Dirty Dutch, Dirty Dutch is the way! Great remix!

Coming up on aLLriGhT ReCorDs: Greek duo Digital Riot. The EP is called “Jack Your Body” and will include along with the originals remixes by aLLriGhT, Dablpee and 3dot, expect something completely different! Say no more!!

next time folks!


Sunday, 25 March 2012

Hooooot new releases !!!

Feeling a bit shit because the bike has let me down once again i find myself
Not a good day when ur bike let you down in the middle of a sunny ride, so stuck home tring to repair the motherfucker i was checking out some new tracks and previews from friends and thought i might share them to you since they're well worth.
First is the Informant's "Glowing up" EP...and in particular the track "Zero crossing" for which i recorded vocals for, with the lovely Afrodite ....A MASSIVE TUNE which got to be 1st on the top 5 dubstep releases of the week on beatport...and thats beating skrillex...now ...get that!

Check the informant's soundcloud page for all the other tracks and get more infos about it here and moreover be sure to chek Afrodite's page too!
The second one is by newly formed
Robopunx (that includes produers robo bear and voodoo punx)...they got a ep coming out on royal one records....a big EP on my opinion...check the preview below

and also check their other remixes...


Thursday, 22 March 2012

InTerVieW WiTh GoBs oF ThE DeAD

Out today on aLLriGhT ReCorDs a track born from a collaboration between Gob the Zombie, Mike Dextro and Proper Villians, "Whoa! Jak"

Of the three “runaway outlaws” we managed to catch one, Gobs, and had him interrogated.

aR-Yoooo Gobs how are you today? …Not that good I guess, since last time I checked you were dead!......

G-It's great being dead. Aside from the constant overwhelming hunger for brains, I've never felt better. You should try it.

aR-How did you first become a zombie and how does it feel to be one?

G-I was in a horrible car accident, and I woke up Dead. Memories of what happened that night are fuzzy. I've never been able to piece it together. Since then , I've made the most of the situation. I think I'm doing pretty well for a dead guy. Hmmm?

aR-How did the collaboration between Mike Dextro, Proper Villians and you come together? I understand they are not that much into this style of music.

G-We all love the tune. We wouldn't have finished it if that wasn't the case. It's just quite different for all of us. I've been focusing on Moombah sounds, PV is all about Dubstep right now, and Mike D has been busy working on his Baryshnikov project.
Originally, I laid down the percussion, and vocals, but I wanted help with the synths, so I passed it to Proper Villains. He came up with that killer main hook, and then passed it to Mike Dextro to finish the tune.

aR-Tell me about you, what is your background and what are your influences?

G-Well, I'll always be a raver at heart. I started out as a Gabber DJ, but became quite well known, in North America, as a Rave MC, so that became my main focus. I've always had a lot of love for anything with heavy bass, and I'm always interested in cutting edge music. After I died, I began focusing on producing and DJing. I've been living dead, now, for 5 years, and while my body has become increasingly more rotten, my producing continually gets better and better, as I learn more. This year, I'm planning to keep pushing Moombahcore, while also experimenting with Juke, Drumstep, and Electro resulting in my own unique sound that incorporates elements from my old Gabber roots.

aR-What was the first ever record that you bought and when did you start djing?

G-Shit, you're gonna age me with this question. Ha! I've been sort of DJing since I was 12, but I started collecting vinyl in '97. I honestly don't remember what my first one was, but I'm proud to say that I have one of the best 90s record collections ever!

aR-What do you look for in a beat? …and in a brain?

G-I like my beats the way I like my brains: BIG & JUICY!

aR-How would you describe your sound?

G-Monster Bass.

aR-Here is a techy one, what gear are you using? Are you an hardware type or you prefer plug-ins?

G-Let's get dorky! As far as DJing goes, I like pioneer products (CDJs and mixer). If I'm playing a club gig, I'll often use Serato. On the producing side, I'm completely software based. I engineer with Ableton. Since people ask me all the time, I should also mention that my visuals are put together in Final Cut Pro. Also, Apple products all the way. No PCs!

aR-What music is playing while:
a. You're eating someone's brain

G-Dead CAT Bounce (ft A Girl & A Gun) - Deadhouse (Falkirk Remix)

b. Your funeral...actually that’s been and gone, which record did they spin?

G-Aha - Take On Me. It was my favourite song, when I was alive and well. It's still one of the best music vids of all time.

aR-Finally give us a producer we should look up for 2012?

G-Keep a close ear on RSK

Surely we will as RSK together with aLLriGhT, Jaqwa, and Gobby Z are the guest remixes included in aLrT002 available now to download on all major digital stores.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

aLLriGhT - Knowhat A mean/Dreadlock Rock (aLrT001)

aLLriGhT’s “Knowhat A mean/Dreadlock Rock ep” (aLrT001) is out today in all major digital outlets so get your mouse clicking and follow this links to “buy some good shit!”
You probably already know the tracks, but in case you don’t here is a preview:

Including besides the originals from aLLriGhT, remixes from Brooklyn (NY) “Gobs The Zombie”
with his “Knowhat A Mean” moombahton version and SKZO mysterious producer from London (UK) (more info on who it might be coming soon) with a spooky version of "Dreadlock Rock".

Coming out with the release we crafted a video for the track “Knowhat A mean” using some footage from an old cop movie classic directed by William Friedkin “The French Connection”

in the movie (shoot in Brooklyn, Gobs will be pleased) there are many continuity mistakes as you can see on this page I found “The French Connection mistakes” what we tried to do in the editing is, revisit the part of the car chase trying to correct some of those mistakes, how is that for a challenge, see what we have come up with

“aLLriGhT – Knowhat A mean VIDEO”

And finally aLLriGhT has been selected to feature on “dj Koykka” ’s birthday podcast “Project 22 Candles”

we recommend you to check out this guys they share pretty good mixes...
so Happy birthday dj Koykka!

We appear on “part 1” , and here is “part 2”

Until next post...


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

"Alea iacta est"

I’m using the famous Caius Julius Cesar quote as the dice has really been cast and we are proud to announce the launch of “aLLriGhT ReCorDs” , the label is now up and running and we expect the first release out on March 1st 2012.
Mike talked you through the work in his previous post so all I have to say is that … IS BANGING! Coming out with the release we are crafting a video for the track “knowhat A mean”, which we’ll make public on the day of the release.
During the past months the label kept us very busy but we still had time to put together a dj set and you can listen/download it on the link below

Get yo mama high! by Allright on Mixcloud

 aLLriGhT - Get yo mama high! (Dj Set) by aLLriGhT We hope you enjoy the listening as we enjoyed the doing, plus it will keep you up to speed on what to expect if you come to see us playing. And it looks like you won’t have to wait much longer as the next aLLriGhT ReCorDs party is scheduled to happen on
February 24th 2012. The location is still our east base “The Russian Bar” and this time we have two new guests behind the mixer, electro house specialist Miky_B and warm up by Horse from DownUnder. I’ve listened to their sets and found them very refreshing, just the right tone that’s fits with the label standards .... and yes we’ll be closing the night as usual with a nice selection, including exclusive material soon to be released on aLLriGhT ReCorDs.
Full details of the night on these links:


Monday, 12 December 2011

New and old news...christmas is coming!

Yoooo....has been already 2 months since i posted last and it seems like i havent had time to shower in the meantime for how quick it went by....running a label is hell of a lot of work especially if you have to do graphics/mastering/PR/ and contact all the people for it.
There has been lots of news in terms of releases and remixes as we got lots of old friends and new friends collaborating with us for future releases which i am not going reveal as time goes by.
First thing to be said is that by mid january we will have our first release out on aLLriGhT ReCorDs ...it will be two of our old originals that we made quite some time ago, so its not fully sounding like the stuff we are doing lately but its still banging although its a bit darker. The tile of the two tracks is "Knowhatamean" and "Dreadlock rock" and they will be served with one remix each; A gob's the zombie moombahton banger for the first one a and a "secret" new entry for the second one.
Beside that we will have another banging electro dubstep-ish release following the month after but i wont get much into details ...lets only say that the track is bangin; in few weeks i will update you with who the collaboration is between and who the remixers are....for now i will only say the one remix is made by us and one guy involved has been named in this post.

So long and we is gonna speak soon mannn!

Btw dont forget to add your ass on our aLLriGhT ReCorDs page for details!

Friday, 30 September 2011

aLLriGhT ReCorDs CoMinG aT' Ya!

Allright....summer is over ... actually here in London summer has just started looking at the wheather ... yesterday I had to evacuate the studio coz it was just too hot to bare and you can't really stay indoors when it's sunny in UK!
Anyway I guess everyone is well tanned and still recovering from the summer parties and festivals as we are. Altough even if we have not posted anything on the blog for almost 3 months we have been very busy (sipping gin and juice...laaaid back...with no money on our minds and neither on our wallets) getting things working for our records label. Lots of tracks, lots of remixes, if everything goes as planned they should start to get released towards the end of this year. Just to anticipate a few names, our friends
Phunx from Italy and Ass Shaker from France, two up and coming acts on the european dance scene, will be remixing two of our original tracks. So get ur ass ready!

We are also going through demos sent to us from other producers, so feel free to send us yours too using our soundcloud's dropbox on aLLriGhT ReCorDs .

And how could you start a record label without having an event night to go with it ... well ... you could ... but it wouldn't be allright!!! ... would it?! Thats why we are also throwing a monthly event "aLLriGhT ReCorDs" the party featuring all the artists that will be releasing their work through our label and of course lots of music from Luke and I. The venue is set to be "The Russian" in Kingsland Road, London E2, UK and the date of the first party will be the 13th of October 2011.

So remember ... keep that night free, and moreover, keep the day after off ... coz you'll be hungover ... be sure ... I'll make you hungover!

You can get full details about the event on FACebOOk and don't forget to press attending and to join aLLriGhT ReCorDs Group, We promise We won't spam you, just genuine updates!

Well...I hope I sold myself well with this info, will keep you updated as I get more news!

Long time mannnn


Sunday, 3 July 2011

FirsT TiMe iN tHe FuTure

I found out about this movie on a late night wonder at this year Glastonbury Festival in UK. I saw it for the first time with no sound; it was just a 30 minutes short displaying vintage computers and synthesisers interrupted by a bunch of old granddads being interviewed. It looked so interesting I waited till the end credits to write down the title intending to revisit when back in London. This is what I discovered: “What The Future Sounded Like is a lively Australian short film, funded partly by the AFF, directed by Matthew Bate, and concerns the electronic music movement that began after World War 2 and reached its peak in the 1970s, before the advent of home computers and improved technology. The film features musician Tristram Cary from the UK who developed a synthesized music score for Dr Who. Amusing anecdotes and good examples of this electronic music used by various groups and musicians are scattered throughout this enjoyable documentary”.
The result is a very pleasing half hour original video of "prehistoric" machines. Huge computers/calculators taking a all room of space, oddly shaped “cardboard boxes” emitting the strangest sounds, monitors featured in star trek episodes and lots of curiosities (ever wondered what Roger Water used to play “On The Run” on Pink Floyd’s Dark side?). The documentary is being screened around the world in various music events, you can find all about it in the dedicated website “What The Future Sounded Like”
We are big fans of old analog gear, even though, being so expensive, we don’t own much (just a few weeks ago Mike and I spent hours fiddling with some at a showcase in the shop “Rough Trade” in Brick Lane. In our last release “Seb Marx - My Boots (aLLriGhT Remix)” out from 4th of July on UK label “Gush Records” Seb Marx - My Boots (aLLriGhT RmX) by aLLriGhT we make some good use of an old Korg sound unit “Electribe EA-1” , a small mono analog synth very basic but that still produces really great fat sounds. Listen to the track and see if you can spot it!
Here is the film in 3 parts, “Peter Zinovieff” and “Tristram Cary” will give you the best insight on how it all started, in a feature where the word first comes about many times.
Hope you enjoy as much as we did aLLriGhT!

Luke aLLriGhT