Monday, 12 December 2011

New and old is coming!

Yoooo....has been already 2 months since i posted last and it seems like i havent had time to shower in the meantime for how quick it went by....running a label is hell of a lot of work especially if you have to do graphics/mastering/PR/ and contact all the people for it.
There has been lots of news in terms of releases and remixes as we got lots of old friends and new friends collaborating with us for future releases which i am not going reveal as time goes by.
First thing to be said is that by mid january we will have our first release out on aLLriGhT ReCorDs will be two of our old originals that we made quite some time ago, so its not fully sounding like the stuff we are doing lately but its still banging although its a bit darker. The tile of the two tracks is "Knowhatamean" and "Dreadlock rock" and they will be served with one remix each; A gob's the zombie moombahton banger for the first one a and a "secret" new entry for the second one.
Beside that we will have another banging electro dubstep-ish release following the month after but i wont get much into details ...lets only say that the track is bangin; in few weeks i will update you with who the collaboration is between and who the remixers are....for now i will only say the one remix is made by us and one guy involved has been named in this post.

So long and we is gonna speak soon mannn!

Btw dont forget to add your ass on our aLLriGhT ReCorDs page for details!

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