Sunday, 25 March 2012

Hooooot new releases !!!

Feeling a bit shit because the bike has let me down once again i find myself
Not a good day when ur bike let you down in the middle of a sunny ride, so stuck home tring to repair the motherfucker i was checking out some new tracks and previews from friends and thought i might share them to you since they're well worth.
First is the Informant's "Glowing up" EP...and in particular the track "Zero crossing" for which i recorded vocals for, with the lovely Afrodite ....A MASSIVE TUNE which got to be 1st on the top 5 dubstep releases of the week on beatport...and thats beating ...get that!

Check the informant's soundcloud page for all the other tracks and get more infos about it here and moreover be sure to chek Afrodite's page too!
The second one is by newly formed
Robopunx (that includes produers robo bear and voodoo punx)...they got a ep coming out on royal one records....a big EP on my opinion...check the preview below

and also check their other remixes...


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